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How can you get where you’re going if you don’t know where you’re going?  Most people in America today do not have a career plan, i.e., a plan by which they can pursue a life that will allow them to work at something that is both financially and personally rewarding. Failure to have a good career plan can cost you many thousands of dollars. We have estimated that it costs America in excess of forty billion dollars ($40,500,000,000.00) in revenue that never happens because people wander in their career path. It can also lead you on a path away from what you would truly like to do. In the many workshops we have presented as well as the many individual assessments we have provided, I present the following scenario for illustration: A friend says “let’s go on vacation”. What is the first question you ask them? How do you know if you want to be invested in this activity if you don’t know where you’re going? How can you fully invest yourself in your career, if you are not sure of what you want to do?


There has never been a greater need for quality career assessment and counseling. The number of career changes per individual in the past decade have more than doubled as a result of changes in the workplace and technology. In a review of the literature, I discovered that in 1990 the average number of career changes was three. By 1996, it had increased to seven. For over two hundred years the number of career changes had increased to only three and, yet, within a few short years more, it had more than doubled! Many of our young people about to enter the workforce are overwhelmed by the prospects. Most young people leaving high school today do not have any type of career plan! Adults about to re-enter the workforce want to gain control of their lives through their investment in their career. More women are entering the workforce with solid career aspirations than ever before, and with less information than they need. More people have greater need for career guidance than ever before and, yet, there is little available. There is even less available that is detailed, personal, and effective. When the school systems fail to provide career guidance, when community career resources are nothing more than a job listing service, we are set up to have a career “At Risk”. We can help you develop a career plan that is both personally and financially rewarding. We can guide you in developing a career plan that is what it should be...“A Life Plan”. 




For the past twenty years we have been providing personal, comprehensive career assessments to individuals throughout  Louisiana and surrounding states. In doing so, we have developed an assessment battery that has worked for many thousands of individuals. Our clients include the full spectrum of humanity; children to adults, service workers to Nobel scientists. If you are interested in obtaining a career assessment, please give us a call (318-352-2244) or contact us through our email, ptisawyers@bellsouth.net  The cost of this assessment is $200.00. This $200.00 includes all charges. We can do a comprehensive career assessment by sending you the documents, having you fill them out, and returning them to us. We will then score them and return the results to you by your preferred method, e.g., fax, e-mail, regular mail, or Priority mail. We also include fifteen minutes of personal telephone communication. We want to make sure that we have fully addressed your career needs. Group Rates are available. We also do subcontracting of assessments for other agencies. We have performed thousands of assessments in this manner with total satisfaction.


In offering this service and reviewing this page, the question comes to mind as to how good can this type of career assessment be?  This assessment was developed and utilized in exactly the manner employed here. We have successfully helped thousands of individuals choose a career and implement that career. We are not a “job service”. You can find job service information in numerous other places. Our career assessment and counseling service has always been about one thing...

Maximizing Individual Potential.


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