Charles D. Caron, M.S., L.P.C., A.P.

Charles D. Caron was born in Pittsfield, MA and graduated from Technical High School in Springfield, Massachusetts. In June of 1975, he received the Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, graduating cum laude from the University of Massachusetts.† After graduation he was employed as a carpentry instructor at Turners Falls Vocational High School and later by the MA Department of Mental Health.† In September 1979, he began graduate studies in Clinical Psychology at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, LA. From July to October of 1983, Charles completed an externship at the Wynne Mental Health Center in Wynne, Arkansas. After graduation, he served as the Program Director of a residential adolescent treatment facility and then School Psychologist for Red River Parish. During this time he drafted an in-home intervention program to reduce the need for out-of-home placement for children at-risk. This program was subsequently adopted by the state of Louisiana. In January of 1989, Charles became the founding Director of the Career Evaluation and Information Center (CEIC) located in the Watson Memorial Library at Northwestern State University. The CEIC was established to develop and provide a comprehensive career evaluation program as an intervention for a population (Welfare and JTPA participants) that historically has had low employability. This was accomplished through a systematic program of career related counseling based on their individually prepared career implementation plan. The CEIC provided comprehensive evaluation services to ten Northwestern parishes (counties) on an itinerant basis and served as a career information center to the region. The CEIC developed the most comprehensive collection of career resources in a multi-state region. He additionally served as a consultant to the nation relative to the implementation of career assessment and counseling programs for "High Risk" populations. In this capacity, he provided countless seminars and training programs across the country. Training covered specialized units up to full replication of the CEIC program.† Charles provided all computer services to the ten parishes involved, including system design (hardware and software), maintenance, service, and upgrading. Shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall he was called upon by U.S. Department of Labor to meet with a delegation from Hungary. The goal of this meeting was to provide the delegates with a program that could be implemented in Hungary to resist a return to communism. Mr. Caron also served on the Board of the Louisiana Occupational Information and Coordinating Committee. In 1998, he designed the training program to be used in transitioning Welfare recipients under the Welfare to Work programs in three parishes of northwest Louisiana. Proactive Therapy Innovations (PTI) is the name of Charles' private practice as an assessment privileged Licensed Professional Counselor.

Deborah S. Caron, M.S.

Deborah was born July 10, 1954, in Meridian, MS. She graduated from Meridian High School in 1972, received a B.A. degree in Psychology from the University of Southern MS in Hattiesburg, MS in 1976, and in 1998 received her Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology from Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, LA.† She served as the Mental Health Consultant for the Natchitoches Parish Head Start Programs from 1977 Ė 1979, and as Administrator/Counselor for Community Homes of LA, a residential placement for emotionally disturbed teenage males from 1979 to 1984. From 1984 - 1989, Deborah was employed as an Adult Services Counselor at Glenwood Mental Health Services, a non-profit private residential and day-services facility in Birmingham, Alabama, dedicated to the treatment of Autistic, Schizophrenic, and emotionally-handicapped children and adults. In October of 1989, Deborah returned to Natchitoches to perform comprehensive career assessment and counseling with the Career Evaluation and Information Center at Northwestern State University. She has been working with her husband, Charles, at PTI since 1998. She provides services to individuals served under Louisiana Rehabilitation Services and the Veteranís Administration. As such, she helps to provide one of the most comprehensive and dynamic career assessment and counseling services in the state. In January, 2000 she was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Read her story and find useful links to products and cancer web sites.

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