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Directory of Related Links


The following links will help in your career investigation and research.† Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions.†


The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a nationally recognized source of career information, designed to provide valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives. Revised every two years, the Handbook describes what workers do on the job, working conditions, the training and education needed, earnings, and expected job prospects in a wide range of occupations.


The O*NET database includes information on skills, abilities, knowledge, work activities, and interests

associated with occupations. Job Seekers can use O*NET to:† Find out which jobs fit with their interests, skills, and experience, Explore growth career profiles using the latest available labor market data, Research what it takes to get their dream job, Maximize earning potential and job satisfaction,. Know what it takes to be successful in their field and in related occupations.