life they can share this type of information with. It truly is a release.  No longer are you “different”, and that is a wonderful feeling. My life was full of prayer from wonderful people who cared enough to spare their valuable time to ask God to put his hand on my life. Prayer groups, individuals and children praying all are responsible for me being here today, for giving me back my life. I give each and every one of them credit for helping me hold my faith and maintain my direction through this ordeal. I have heard the prayers of small children at the dinner table asking God to help me. When you hear something like this you cannot be unmoved, you can’t feel alone, you can’t feel unloved.  To Anne and Larken’s children, Luke and Caroline, you are my children, the ones I wish I could have had. Your parents lovingly share you with us, and that is the most wonderful gift I could ever receive. God heard your prayers.  I will love you forever.


I was initially so overwhelmed and scared (just a few years ago, the diagnosis of Cancer was a death sentence) that I felt hopeless.  My maternal grandfather had died of esophageal cancer, my grandmother, stomach cancer.  They were both “opened and closed up” with no hope. My mother cared for them both and watched them die in pain. When they told me they were fairly certain I had liver cancer and that it was inoperable, I lost it.  A long time friend, Larken, happened to be in the room that night when they told us.  I could tell he was “shaken”. He held our hands and prayed for a miracle (little did he know that in a few short days, his prayer would be answered).  I was hysterical. They gave me a sedative, and then the Head Nurse, Lydia Roberson, came in.  She held my hand and told me that the most important thing to remember was that Attitude determines Outcome. She’d seen it happen over and over again. Never giving up, staying positive, trusting in God, and maintaining that “I’ll do whatever it takes” attitude turning around a death sentence into life.  I’ll never forget her for what she gave me that night….the will to survive and the assurance that I was in control, not the cancer.  Thank You, Lydia.


Chemo and Radiation were done before the surgery in an effort to shrink the tumors and reduce the amount of surgery that would be needed.  My chemo was administered continuously via a pump worn like a fanny pack through a tube via my port-a-cath located near my collarbone. I was only able to do ten days of Chemo as I had a life-threatening reaction to the 5-FU. One of the rare side effects associated with 5-FU is arterial heart spasms which can cause a heart attack.  So much so that one EKG resulted in my having an emergency heart catheterization (which scared Charles and me to death). The positive side to this was that I now know my heart and arteries are just fine. I did Radiation for 5 days out of each week for six weeks. As each Radiation patient came each day, we all became very close. I looked forward to this part of the 160 mile round trip drive to the treatments. Everyone was supportive of each other, and it was like a new family.  Surgery was performed on April 19th, 2000 by Dr. Benjamin Li, Oncological Surgeon. Dr. Li is the most wonderful, compassionate, and open surgeon I have ever met. He was another blessing given to me, and I recommend him to anyone facing this type of surgery.  The procedure was called an Abdomino-Perineal Resection (APR). My surgeon stated that it was “one of the biggest surgeries you can have”.  It lasted over six hours. They performed an appendectomy, hysterectomy, removed two feet of my colon and 25% of my vaginal wall, and did a permanent colostomy. There were originally two tumors. By the time of the surgery, one tumor had completely disappeared and the other had shrunk 75%. Eleven lymph nodes were removed, with no sign of cancer spread in any of them. Additionally, the cancer had not spread into the bone as they had originally feared. God had performed yet another miracle. If any of you doubt the existence of God or of his ability to help, just talk to Charles and me, and I’ll introduce you to other cancer patients who were told they would not “make it”.


I have a true Miracle Story relative to my cancer and five angels. To attempt to relate it here would not do it justice, and would take away from the information that we want to provide you.  If you would like to read my Angels Story, please email me at


As a result of Charles’ relentless research into products and techniques that could help in the treatment of cancer, we found several items that stand out. I have been taking the following products since January, 2000 and I believe they have helped: - This is the site where we purchase IP6. IP6 and Inositol has been researched for the past eleven years at the University of Maryland. It has been shown to increase natural killer cell activity and in animal studies has been shown to halt, reduce and even inhibit cancer growth. It has no known side effects. This site has the lowest prices we have found and is the only IP6 product which is endorsed by it’s researcher, Dr. Shamsuddin. Products are listed in alphabetical order. Scroll down the page to find Cellular Forte with IP6 and Inositol. I take the recommended dose of 12 capsules per day. If you do not have cancer, four capsules are recommended.  The following sites provide further information on IP-6:  -  The University of Maryland article regarding IP-6.