The following is a list of good websites for federal employees and veterans seeking employment within the federal government.



Severance Pay Calculator (access through the ACC/DP web page. Click on Civilian Issues, then click on Severance Pay Calculator)

Federal Employees Retirement Calculator (both CSRS & FERS)

Social Security Benefit Calculators

Calculator† (Projecting TSP Account Balance, Annuity Calculator & Retirement Planner)

Life Insurance Calculator

CSRS Retirement Calculator

Military Deposit Calculator

NAF Portability Calculator


Determine your Military Spouse Preference Eligibility

Determine Your Veterans' Preference

See if you are VRA Eligible


How to read an SF-50

DFAS Employee/Member Service System (E/MSS)- E/MSS allows you, as a Department of Defense Military Member, Civilian

†††† Employee, Military Retiree or Annuitant to make certain changes to your pay information.

The Work Number (automated employment and income verification service)

Thrift Savings Plan

EEOC's Quick Start for Employees

TSP Account Access

Social Security Retirement Planner

DFAS Employee/Member Service System (E/MSS): Make Payroll Changes On Line


Defense Table of Official Distance - automated capability used by the Department of Defense as its source of worldwide distance†

††††† information (in miles and kilometers) for all household goods, freight, and travel needs.

DoD Per Diem, Travel and Transportation

Per Diem Rates

Mileage Rate FAQs - PCS or MALT Mileage Rates vs TDY Mileage Rates

Defense Travel System

DLA'S Travel Webpage

State Tax Exemption Table

Overseas Cost of Living Allowance Query

Military-Civilian Relocation Resources

Domestic Maximum Per Diem Rates

Foreign Per Diem Rates

Premier Lodging Program (PLP) - Under this program, the government contracts with lodging properties in specific geographical

††††† areas, which guarantee rooms at a set rate within the established per diem.


The U.S. government's central website for information about identity theft

Questions and Answers Pertaining to the Veterans Employment Opportunities Act of 1998 as Amended

Extension of Veterans' Preference Questions and Answers

Virtual Interactive Personnel (VIP) - DoD

Expert Systems Employee Status, Negotiability, Leave & Absence, PCS, SCD Computation, Union Rep in Meetings, Setting Rates of†††††††††††

†††† Pay and Scale of Awards (last two geared to personnel lists and management officials)

Selective Service - Verification

DoD Incentives & Recognition - awards & rewards to recognize individual and group performance

CAP : Requests (Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program)

The Injury and Unemployment Tracking System

Air Force Pipeline Reemployment Program - Includes overview, procedures and sample request letter

Injury Compensation Tutorials

Effects of Nonpay Status on Service Dates

Job Search & Veteranís Information

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